Monday, June 30, 2014

When the Husband's away.....

I am a firm believer in couples taking time away from each other and having lives outside of their own relationship.  I find that I actually need this for my sanity- even though we share a house and I have plenty of space to go do my own thing on a regular basis, it's just different to have the whole house to yourself- quiet, clean, and without dirty socks in every room.
So this weekend Pete went up north for my soon-to-be brother in law's bachelor party and I enjoyed every second of his absence.  Does that make me a bad wife? I hope not, because the last time I had the house to myself was probably during deer hunting last fall.

On Friday night the girls came over- we sat out on the deck with some beverages and chit chatted before going down the street to a bar/restaurant for apps, drinks, and a little dancing.

in the back is Becca's mom Beth-she's one of those moms that likes coming out with us and we love mama beth!
Aaand I just realized I spent friday night with a bunch of B's ;)
At the end of the night we stopped next door at Wendy's for late night frostys and went back to my house for a sleep over.  And what did we do at about 2:30am?
That's RIGHT- we watched the series premiere of Girl Meets World.
You guys- Boy Meets World was the best show of all time and we all had such high hopes for this spin off.  Cory & Topanga are now raising their daughter Riley and it looks like a lot of the old characters do make appearances.
While we were so, so excited, the show just wasn't the same.  And how could it be?? But oh, how we wish it would.  It was just..weird.  It was way too 'new school Disney' show and not like our old school TGIF shows.
I'll still see how it plays out- if only to see the rest of the old cast come back for an episode or two.
Oh, and what happened to Ben's nose?  It was one of the first things we noticed.
On Saturday after all the girls woke up and went home I cleaned house.  I love having the house clean and things done with plenty of time to relax.  I spent most of the rainy day catching up on Cold Justice on the DVR and then found out I can have sushi delivered to my house.  It was marvelous.

I went for a (hot) run on Sunday morning and spent time with Pete when he got home from his Bachelor party.  It didn't sound like they did anything very strenuous but he still needed a 2 hour nap when he got home.  Then we had a sunday dinner with my parents and celebrated my stepdad's birthday.  He's 52 and my nagging has finally prompted him to get a colonoscopy this week- in case you were all wondering.  Wish him luck ;)



  1. I'm a firm believer in couples times apart as well and it irks me when others don't do that. Esp when one will follow the other like a sad puppy wherever the other goes because of trust issues and whatnot. To each their own!

    I'm kinda wondering about that show and I'll probably see if I can stream it but nothing will ever be classic like BMW!

  2. Yes! Time apart is definitely needed whether dating, married or with kids! Looks like you really enjoyed yourself!

  3. Yikes, what happened to his nose?!?!?! How strange. Im super jealous you can have sushi delivered, now I am craving some in the worst way! Good luck to your stepdad. I think I'm the only person on the planet who enjoys the prep… I'm weird. Also, you are not a bad wife for loving alone time. It makes you NORMAL!!!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful weekend and I agree that time apart is good!

    When are you coming to Boston!!!!??????

  5. Disney only replayed it in the middle of the night was for us to watch it. Topanga should have had more of a role. She was such a strong young woman.