Friday, June 6, 2014

high five for friday

 photo H54Fbutton_zps973d26e1.png
1.  these kitties, man.
you let them explore the yard once and they think they own the place.  Ferdinand cries incessantly at the door to be let out now.

They are loving this weather, too.
2. the weather has been gorgeous lately! I can feel a huge shift in my mood since it's warmed up and the sun has been out.  I've been getting way more steps in on the fitbit ( and feeling so much better about myself.
With the horrible winter we had I was definitely in a rut and while my progress is slow, I need to go at my own pace and get better about being healthy again.

3. The huge brush pile was cleared this week (goodbye $400) and now all we have left is nearly 40 tree stumps that are going to be grinded. ground.
And we mowed and weed killed the plants in this area to make it more amenable for dirt and grass in the fall.  While I'm sure the previous owners thought having tall brush to block the street was nice, we're excited for the possibility of a larger patio and more lawn space while still keeping garden space.
4.  I splurged and got 2 new dining room chairs from overstock (my weakness!)
Right now we just have a small 4-person table and chairs in the eat in kitchen area until we re-do our formal dining room.  As a result, it's a bit difficult to have more than one or two people over, and I've also been using one of those chairs as a desk chair.
These fit in nicely to add to the table for extra seating, but also super comfortable to use at my desk too.  Plus- I put them together all by myself, no husbands needed! Because I'm an independent womyn and I can do anything.

Ferdinand enjoyed the box they came in, too.
5. guys, it's June.  It's SUMMER!  This is my absolutely favorite time of year- I'm looking forward to hot weather, margaritas on the deck (#ortmandeckhappyhour), canoeing the lakes, gearing up for my best friend and my sister's weddings, and in July celebrating my birthday-a nearly monumental one at that.  Don't blink- it will be September before we know it!


  1. Oh my gosh, that last pic of Ferd. I love it! This winter was the worst, and I can only imagine MN winters are a thousand times worse than NJ. Summer summer summer tiiiiiiime!

  2. I like those chairs! They look super comfy.