Friday, June 13, 2014

a Friday dance

This is my nephew Orrin when he was about 2.  At 4 1/2 he's just as dirty and amazingly even cuter.

I'm happy it's the weekend (per usual) but now that it's really summer, every single weekend is busy.  This weekend we're headed up north for a wedding in Duluth after a busy but fun week.
We celebrated Savannah's 2nd birthday- my friend Michelle made the cutest polka dot cake (she filled it with cake pops).  Michelle was my maid of honor and she is the rockstar that gave birth 2 months before my wedding.
We unexpectedly found duck eggs in our backyard nestled under our ferns (after Ferdinand ran clear across the yard after mama duck) and now I'm worried she may have abandoned her nest.  She came back for a few days and watched the eggs, there's actually 8 now.  I've never seen her sit on them and I haven't seen her under there in over a day now.  From what I've read, she may have abandoned them because there is too much commotion in our backyard and she felt threatened, or something happened to her.  It's been a bit chilly these last few days (in the upper 60s) and I'm afraid we won't get to see baby ducklings after all :(
On Tuesday we had a nice dinner on our deck with Jess, Kelly, and Lo (along with the husbands) and it was just so fun.  Pete snarked at me for getting so much cheese but let me tell you- bloggers love brie.  And I was excited to finally use our cheese platter and serving dishes #thingsoldpeoplesay.
I've now known these girls for almost 2 years and every time we all get together we never stop laughing.  We're all at about the same stage in life and it's been so fun getting to know them & their husbands!
Besides some rain here & there, I've been trying to go for a run or a long walk most days of the week and I just love the area we live in.  The 'burbs get a bad rap but I love it.  Close enough to city life and downtown, but with tons nature and wildlife right in our backyard.

Have a great weekend- I'm doing the Friday dance today.


  1. we totally need to institute a once a month dinner club now that errybody has housesss!! (totally tried to tag jess and lo in this.. didn't work).

  2. Those pictures are gorgeous & that dance is too cute!

  3. That polka dot cake is so cute and looks so yummy!!!

  4. I dream of having a backyard and porch! Summer nights are so much better when you have a porch to sit on. I love the lights on your porch!

  5. So, you're probably doing the Monday Slow Shuffle right about now…. that cake is amazing, I am so in awe of those who can bake and make them look great!