Friday, June 27, 2014

a Country-glam Bachelorette Party

Last weekend we celebrated my older sister's bachelorette party.  We stayed local and the entire day was definitely a tribute to Sena's favorite things: country music, pampering, drinking, eating, drinking, country music, and..drinking? haha.
We started the day with an early morning pedicure.
Many of the girls in the group (myself included) do not get regular pedicures so it was a nice way to start the morning.

After pedis we went to Wild Bill's to sit out on the patio drinking, eating, and playing Bingo.
I was distracted with buying my next card that I missed the Bingo I had on my first card and lost out on $99!  However, I did win the second bingo card (with 3 other winners- including my younger sister) and got $24.  Later on Sena missed her Bingo too and lost out on $99!  We were obviously not very focused.

After Bingo we loaded up the cars and headed to a nearby hotel where we snacked, beveraged, and got ready for the evening.  There may have been some items that required to be blown up.
We had dinner at Crave (delish sushi!)
And Sena started to get her party on.
And we ended the night at Toby Keith's listening to live music and using the wall mounted breathalyzer every 20 minutes.  There were scavenger-hunt type cards to take photos with random people which one of the girls took all of them on and did them by herself for fun.  And because I really didn't drink that much, that worked for me (I was off the hook and didn't have to talk to country strangers!)
The rest of the girls spent the night in the hotel but I went home- I had plans the next morning (#oldlady) and I knew I wouldn't sleep.
The following day Pete and I took his niece (age 3) and my nephew Orrin (age 4) to the Science museum to see the new dinosaur display.  Not only could they care less about the dinosaurs, it seemed all they wanted to do was run and scream.  And then Orrin was crabby and crying the rest of the afternoon.  And all auntie wanted was a glass of wine.  It certainly did not help my case for convincing Pete that we're ready for babies!  Not sure how you moms and nannies do it!


  1. Very hilarious! And to answer your question on how us mommies and nannies do it- we just do :-)

  2. Ahh, looks like such a good time!!