Sunday, January 5, 2014

Someone's in a Very Good Mood.

Seeing that it is -50 here in Minnesota most of us planned to hibernate.  It really wasn't so bad over the weekend for running errands (I think we were just maybe in negative teens with wind chill temps) but Pete and I also tackled some big projects this weekend.
Sad news first: we took down Christmas.  It's officially over.
And this weekend we finally tackled this embarrassing beast- the overstuffed, unorganized pantry.
We've been meaning to do it since the week we moved in and started throwing food where ever but it got to the point (we quickly found out when we emptied it all out) that we had no idea what kind of junk we even had in there.


 Hubby can go outside and get dirty and go hunting and shoot stuff and skin (or gut? carve??) a fish or a deer, etc. but it's when he helps me organize the house that I am truly a happy wife.


Oh yeah, this weekend we splurged on a new toy.
We've been going back and forth for months on when we would pull the trigger and just get a canon rebel and then came to the realization that it would be awesome to have it for Hawaii in a few weeks.  We're taking the intro class through National Camera Exchange next week, but we've been researching and playing all weekend.


I'm in love with this thing and would love your TIPS please!


  1. Ah! So jealous! I can't wait to see the photos you take with that thing. :-) Have a fantastic time in Hawaii! It'll be fantastic.

  2. Normally, you clean fish and dress deer. Have fun with the camera! I'm looking at getting one, too.

  3. Ah just got that camera recently too! I love it; let me know if you learn anything mind blowing. :)

  4. Oh looky, there's me! I look super cute on your blog.

    Ahem. Anyway. Pete needs to come here and hunt some deer. Or at least find the mother effer who destroyed my precious car, and frolicked back off to the woods like nothing happened. Steve recently got his gun permit, I bought him a gun locker/closet thing, but he has no guns. So sad. Congrats on the camera. I feel like a loser, I have a Nikon, and everyone is getting Canon's. Either way, it's so fun to take nice photos. I recently downloaded an app on my iPad for $4.99, it's an interactive how to for your camera. It has videos, pop-ups, it's pretty cool, and I've learned a lot. It's called "Master Your dSLR Camera" by Open Air Publishing. I think it's worth it, and for $4.99... Enjoy your camera!

  5. I'm so jealous of your pantry!! I would kill for extra cupboard space in my kitchen!

  6. Love the Canon! :) I have the rebel but would love a newer model. You will love it though!! Your class sounds like a great idea, there are lots of good ones offered online. Practice practice practice & you will get the hang of it.

    Your cats are gorgeous!


  7. YAY! :) Enjoy your new camera!!!

  8. Enjoy that camera! I would love one.