Friday, September 30, 2011

I heart blog swaps!

A little while ago, Meg hosted a fall frenzy blog swap.  Of course I signed up because who could not love making a new blog friend, sending them presents, and then getting presents from them in the mail?!
It's so much fun and although I got swapped with someone whom I already follow, I sure got spoiled by miss Elizabeth.
I think I said something about needing to be pampered and this girl got me some fuzzy slippers and fuzzy socks--I seriously live in fuzzy socks in the winter and I cannot wait to surround my little feet in these cozies!
I also got a super cute manicure set and a burt's bees hand cream set-um, you must have seen the results of my allergy test last year because burt's bees is on the very short list of products that don't irritate my whiney skin!
I love the sparkly picture frame and of course those earrings-I die! And a fall scented candle-just perfect!
Thank you so so much Elizabeth!  I love my fall gifts!
You guys better check out Elizabeth's blog-it's one of my favorites!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

My kind of holiday!

Happy National Coffee Day!

And because I love you-
here's a coupon for FREE coffee at Dunn Bros.

And check out Caribou's facebook page for a coupon for free coffee there too!
coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee! yay!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Even though I'm busy....

I had to make a quick shout out to my amazing friends who gave me an awesome weekend!
my go-to tv watching, wine drinking, chemotherapy administering coworker girls.
I had fun singing in church with you girls and devouring our food in a very un-ladylike-way-because-we-were-starving at Kim's wedding.
and these girls-there are no words.
Had a blast celebrating your birthday Nikki!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Orrin's 2nd Birthday!

On Saturday my favorite little nephew turned 2.  I cannot believe it has already been 2 years since he joined our family and stole our hearts.  He is definitely spoiled loved so much and he had such a great tractor-themed birthday bash!
I let him open his birthday presents from me in the morning before the chaos of the party.
He got his own tool set so he can help papa work.
I got him a tractor shirt with his name on it from Etsy. Not sure why the capital I also has a dot above it, but W-sign..still cute.
Pete made his tractor cake the night before
With tractor wheel cupcakes
Opening presents with mom & dad
he made us sing to him twice, so he could blow out the candle twice.
Of course we all do whatever he tells us.
Orrin's big surprise-his very own tractor he can drive around the yard in.
Tractor obsessions are healthy, right? 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Where am I? What day is this?

I'm not quite sure which way is up these days and I would be unable to leave my house if I didn't have 2 calendars and a planner. 
By the way-I have been reading all your posts about you guys just absolutely raving about those Erin Condren planners.  Ummm..did you know those things are like fifty-bucks?! For a planner? Don't get me wrong-I love and need a planner probably more than the average person.  But for $50?? Does this thing dispense gold coins or something? What am I missing?

I guess I'm old school..I use the regular old Mead planners and I thought I was being all cute with my zebra print cover. I got it from Target for like $9.99.

I have pockets and 2-page spreads for each month plus monthly tabs, plus space to write on each day of the week, plus notes in the back. The only problem I have is that the pen holder only holds small pens. What else would I need from a planner?

What's the deal Erin Condren? Who are you and why are your planners so expensive??

Um..did I just blog about planners?

Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall Bucket List

Thank you Caroline for the idea!
Pete: you might want to bookmark this page or print it out. This is happening. All of it. Well, except for the maze. I hate mazes.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Me and Birchbox? We're pretty tight.

Did you guys get your Birchboxes in the mail yesterday?
It's such a fun thing to get a pink box in the mail full of beauty samples!  And as you know-Birchbox just turned 1 so we all got cute friendship bracelets.
yay we're friends!

I got LIV GRN parfum which smells really delicious.
Jouer lip stuff that's supposed to be plumping (no results with one use)
Pangea Organics facial cream-which I am excited to try.  I've been on an organic kick lately, and my sensitive skin gets (and looks) really angry when I put junk all over it.
Inoco nail polish strips in blue glitters.  I've tried (& loved) the Sally Hansen nail strips because it lasts so much longer than regular nail polish.  However, it took me 40 minutes to do my toes.  I'm interested to see if this stuff is a bit easier.  It looks like there are more color options as well.

Did anybody get some different stuff this month??

Monday, September 12, 2011

Our Crazy Garden

Being the outdoorsy type, Pete loves to garden.  If anybody asks him, he will say he does it for me because I like flowers, but we all know better.  Pete just loves to garden.  And he spends many an afternoon poking around out there.
Last year "we" just did some flowers, and this year Pete decided to do flowers and to also build a vegetable garden.  It's been so yummy to have fresh grown veggies all summer.  However, the flowers have gotten pretty out of control.  Like-a lot out of control.  They are definitely crowding eachother for space and they've all grown way more than we anticipated.
This first set of pictures was back in July when I thought they looked pretty.  The photos are steamy because it was so humid, and I was taking pictures because a storm was on the way and I was afraid our garden would be ruined.

 And here is what the garden looks like now.  Totally Little Shop of Horrors style.
Pete had to reinforce the trellis for the morning glories more than once.
those would be the veggies that are just about down feeding us.

Moral of the story: Miracle-Gro works.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

My LAST first day of school!

DNP School, Year 3

Yesterday was my last first day of Grad school!  I am unbelievably busy this semester but hopefully that means it will go fast.  Doing classes, my DNP project, clinicals, (attempting) work, and planning a wedding is kind of like insanity.  Needless to say, I have yet to work out in the month of September.  It usually takes me a few weeks to find my routine and make the balance.
So to my dear friends and family out there-I will see you when I emerge at Christmas!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: I said YES to the dress!

I have been getting quite a few questions about the progress of my planning and I have some very exciting news to report!
I bought my wedding dress and veil last Saturday!

I went to the Wedding Shoppe here in St. Paul for my very first bridal appointment.  It's kind of the go-to place in the cities, and it's sort of a small yet very busy place so there was a limit to how many people could actually come with me.  That was fine by me because I was beyond nervous.  I barely slept the night before.  My group consisted of my mom, Pete's mom, my sister Sophie, and my matron of honor Michelle.
I walked in and told my mom I was going to throw up.  My mom then pointed out that that was why all the dresses were in bags.
It wasn't long before my excitement kicked in.
The dresses were so beautiful in real life!  I met my consultant person Meg (who was awesome) and showed her my pictures and told her what I was looking for.  I also shared my fabulous shoes which were then passed around the whole store (another post for another day!).  She started pulling some dresses and we got to look at a few more to pick, so I let each person in my group pull one for me.
Every single dress I picked, including the one I have been obsessing about for months, did not look right or feel right.  I knew right away which ones did not work and kept feeling like I was wearing costumes.  Needless to say, there were several I did not even show my group.  But it was SO fun trying on different styles and standing up on the pedestal and twirling around.  I loved it.
The very last dress left in the dressing room was one Pete's mom picked out for me, and to be honest-it looked boring in the bag.  Meg asked if I even wanted to try it on and my response was 'ehh. I guess.'  Michelle was in there too and was not impressed with the dress either.
She helped me get the dress on and I remember it just...felt good.  I didn't pay too much attention to the details and decided to go out to show the group.  A few little details changed (sorry guys, Pete reads this!) and suddenly everyone started saying they thought it was the one. 
The more I looked at myself in the mirror, the more I realized they were right.
I just felt so comfortable and pretty in the dress.  And I did not want to ever take it off!
The dress was not at all what I thought I would pick.  It wasn't anything I thought I was looking for.  But after wearing it, it felt like it was made for me.  And then they told me it was on SALE! It was just perfect.
I was delirious after that.  People started taking pictures and I was trying on different veils..they could have sold me 5 more things after that because I was saying Yes to everything.  It was a very surreal moment.
And because the dress was on sale, I have it in my possession.
Taunting me for 11 months.
But it is sooooo beautiful and I Love it so much!  I am so excited!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's not Fall yet! One last Summery blog post!

I know everyone is all excited about the cooler weather and pumpkin spice lattes and sweaters and orange leaves blah blah blah!  I'm negative about Fall even though I plugged in apple cinnamon glade things yesterday and I am secretly loving being able to cozy up in bed at night.  I'm only negative because school officially starts today and because Fall being here means that Winter is well on its way to haunt us here in Minnesota.  Anyways, our last hot day was last week and we got to enjoy one last summer day on the St. Croix River with my Uncle George and Aunt Shirley.  It was a spectacular day.
Orrin getting all sunscreened
Great Aunt Shirley teaching Orrin how to squirt my sister Sena's boyfriend Lee
he had so much fun
Orrin & mommy
Such a serious Captain.
me & Pete
Everybody bent over finding skipping rocks..haha
me, Pete, Sophie, Orrin, Sena, Lee
 It was a super fun day and I think everyone but the drivers took a little nap in the car on the way home.  It was the perfect end to a really fast summer!  Thanks Uncle George & Aunt Shirley for taking us out! 
Now we can talk about Fall again.