Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Blog Tour!

One of my favorite newlyweds, Sar tagged me in this Blog Tour today and I thought it would be fun to share a little bit about the blog that has definitely evolved over the few years since I've started it.
A little fun fact about Sar- we sort of go way back.  Not sure how far back, but we "met" through blogging a long time ago and she was so amazing and designed my wedding invitations & programs!  She was seriously such a lifesaver and so sweet for doing it for me (and has since helped me with some other really cute invitation/announcement stuff- she is really talented!)

Anyways, I'm Syndal:
I'm a hematology/oncology Nurse Practitioner living in Minnesota with my hubby and our 2 cats (with a golden retriever puppy on the way).
what am I working on?
When I first started this blog it took a while for me to find my way through blogland. I didn't really know what to write about and those early posts were pretty weird. And then I got engaged and I spent a great amount of time sharing my wedding planning and DIYs, which of course was then followed by wedding posts.  A year ago we bought a house and I am now very focused on our home updates and other DIY projects.  This week I've been working on staining our bathroom cabinets.
  Most of the blog is focused on daily happenings and documenting events, much like an online journal for myself.

how does my work differ from others?
There are a lot of "theme" blogs out there and despite the title of my blog, I really suck at cooking.  I occasionally bake and like to share some recipes, but I really try not to limit myself as to what I "should" blog about and when.  I blog for community and to document what's going on in my life so there are times when I go several weeks without blogging.  I also think it's fun to share the DIY projects (and misshaps!) because I love that we can learn from each other.  My cabinet staining "research" this week consisted greatly of reading other blogs about cabinet staining- it's that type of commentary you just can't get from reading the minwax can.
why do I write what I do?
Like I mentioned above, my biggest goal in starting this blog was really to document this time in my life.  I love that I can go back and read what I was thinking in anticipation of our wedding and buying our house (so I can LAUGH about it now) and being able to take the time to reflect on my relationships, life, and career.

how does my writing process work?
I very rarely draft posts anymore. I used to schedule ghost-posts throughout the week but my writing now is much more spontaneous.  I don't write well if Pete is home so I usually (like today) write on a day I'm working from home or get home early.  And then if I get an urge to post about something, I do it quickly and try not to overthink it, and publish it right away.  I write & document a lot for work that I want this space to be easy and maybe a little less carefully written.
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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

On the Horizon

Life is hopefully starting to settle in for the fall, and soon- the dreadful winter.
Last weekend we watched Pete's brother Andy run his first marathon on his 27th birthday.
{mile 12}
he was still really excited at mile 12.  I would be dead at mile 12.
Also, it was fun to try to practice with our camera.  Although with a cloudy day and runners, I couldn't figure out how to get enough light, focus, and not so much grainy-ness.  Photographer tips anyone?  ISO too high?

It was a beautiful, chilly morning and we brought coffee and donuts to cheer on the runners.  We wore our blaze orange Ortman sweatshirts so Andy could find us in the crowds.

{Pete's senior photo}

{mile 22}
At mile 22 Andy was over it.  He stopped for a sip of chicken stock and kept going though.  He finished in a little over 4 hours.  While I am incredibly proud of his accomplishment especially after seeing him training for the last several months- seeing all those runners at mile 22 definitely ensured I will never run 26.2 miles.  At mile 22 those runners were sweating and tired, and white as ghosts.  There were a few that made it look easy, but most of them made me worried that I would have to perform curbside CPR.
This happened this week:


And our landscaping guy happened to find something while doing the dirt work.  Something way creepy.
We have not looked inside it yet.  It was buried in the garden bed and I think we need to just re-bury it in the woods and not disturb whatever it is was.  I don't want any bad juju. 
And it's a bit ironic- the previous owners left us piles of file folders with information on the house.  Maaaaybe they could have alerted us to a burial plot in the garden?

Anyways, once we figure that out it'll be time to get the grass going.  Hopefully by this time next year we'll have a decent yard that we can actually use.  And also a new fire pit because Pete doesn't think it's a good idea to sell our firewood.
Pete may or may not have a lumberjack birthday party this year so we can invite people over to chop wood.  But they'll be tricked and think it's cute because it's a lumberjack birthday party, but really we're just getting everybody to do our dirty work! ;)

We have a few house projects on the horizon along with hunting season and (omg) the holidays are already coming up.  No vacations planned as of yet, but we have some friends who live in Abu Dhabi and Pete is toying with the idea of going next year.  I might be taking a girls trip to Puerta Vallerta in the winter but I'm afraid of getting kidnapped (anyone know of a good all-inclusive down there??)
All in all life is pretty steady.  Work at work and work at home (hashtag: adulthood).

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The second half of September I did fall stuff

With the first 2 weeks of September dedicated to Britt's wedding festivities, the last 2 weeks of September were spent trying to enjoy the beautiful weather.  We most likely had our last few days of warm weather in the 80's and I've been on a quest for fall colors.
Last year we couldn't go to the apple orchard- the weather was so bad on the trees that there were no apples so I was excited to go this year.  And that was partly because I got a delicious, warm apple donut when we got there. YUM.


Every single Monday night is still dedicated to getting together with my friends Brittney & Blaire.  We eat dinner together, catch up on what happened the past week, drink wine, and watch some sort of a reality show (usually the Bachelor).  Brit was gone on her honeymoon, but Blaire was very eager to peel apples with Pete.  So I had no choice but to make delicious apple crisp.

On September 24th by nephew Orrin turned 5.  I can't believe how fast time has gone, and he also just lost his first tooth! (Is it me, or does that seem way too early?!)
It's hard to believe that it's been 5 years since my parents, my older sister, Pete and I stayed up all  night at the hospital waiting for this little boy to arrive. 
And now he's the craziest, cutest, smartest little kid ever.
Orrin is obsessed with monster trucks and zombies.  And we did a monster truck birthday party I think the last 2 years so this year was all about zombies.  He loved it.

Now we're already getting in to hunting season, which I sort of love because it gives me a chance to have some ME time and have the house to myself.  I've complained about this before- but I'm a very light sleeper and hubby is a not-so-light snorer.  I wake up 3-4 times a night, every night and I'm tired during the day.  So when I get to sleep by myself it is seriously a luxury.  I always get so much done the next day!  This last weekend Pete was out duck hunting so after running errands and doing jobs around the house I took myself on a 6 mile hike in a state park I hadn't been to before.  It was gorgeous.

and a guy took my picture.  It sounds weirder than it was- a guy that could be my dad with his wife, insisting I get a picture of myself taken.
And he loved my shoes so he took a picture of my shoes!

When Pete is gone for deer hunting I plan to re-stain all of our cabinetry in the house.  It's going to be lovely.  Happy Fall :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Moms: Stop scaring Non-Moms!

This post is going to give me a panic attack, because then it seems like it's sort of real.  Even though it's sort of not at the same time.
Pete & I have reached this point in our marriage and in our lives where we're getting ready to get ready to start trying.  For children.  Someone give me a paper bag to breathe in to.

Growing up I always said I wanted to be a mom and have a large family.  I was the only one of my friends that couldn't wait to have kids, and now I'm almost the last one without any. Sure, I've been a bit busy but you know that "plan" you have when you're growing up that you'll be married by x-age and have kids by x-age?  That has definitely not happened.
 I love babies and kids and I still do want a large family.  Pete and I have been married 2 years now, and we've had a solid year in the new house.  So we're pretty settled.  Do we feel financially sound? Not really.  Will we feel different about that in a year? Probably not.
I would like to be sensitive to those of you wonderful parents out there that love being parents, and I want to be extra sensitive to you wonderful someday-parents out there that are hoping, praying, and trying with all your might to start your families.
As Pete and I are embarking on this part of our lives we are experiencing something that I was definitely not expecting: STRAIGHT UP FEAR.  I am freaked out about this. This is likely a symptom of a larger issue considering I couldn't sleep for a week after we decided we're getting a puppy in the spring.  But it seems one day we say to each other "A baby would be amazing! We can do this!" and the next we're  having dinner in front of the tv with a glass of wine and it's like "hey, this is nice, let's just wait a little bit longer."
We both want a family and kids are very important to the both of us.  We know that we would love to be parents but we sort of thought we would magically feel....ready.  Like I would wake up one day and that would be the day I felt ok giving up sleep, and quiet, and a clean house, and drinking wine (and truthfully- those are the things I'm afraid of losing).  And parents on facebook are always posting those articles on the "realities" of parenting and  What if I can't control my depression or anxiety with all the hormone changes?  What if something happens to the baby?  What if I don't like being a mom, or I'm not a good one? What if I die from being so tired?  Or the baby cries 18 hours a day? Is our marriage going to hold up to that kind of stress?  What if my non-parent friends don't want to hang out with me anymore?  Am I going to become obsessed with my kid and tell everybody what they ate last week, how much they slept and what their poo looks like??

I'm holding on to the thought that we'll be able to adapt to change. Do people really do that easily? Because right now it looks like next  year we'll have a puppy and possibly a baby at the same time.  Either the stress of both of those events are better to get done all at once or I might just melt in to the floor.
I'm hoping this is a normal part of the process because I feel guilty.  Guilty that I have the luxury to decide a plan for children- although we don't know what that outcome will be just yet.  And guilty that I'm not over-the-moon ecstatic and confident that everything will work out fine.  Do we want this? Definitely.  Is it ok for us to be scared?  I hope so.  Otherwise I'll just continue to be the auntie with all the cats. And a dog.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

My bestie becomes a Mrs.

This past weekend I was given the honor of standing up in one of my best friends' wedding.  It turned out to be the most gorgeous fall day and to say that Brittney and Erik were both beaming is an understatement.  Everybody was just so incredibly happy and you couldn't help but gush over how wonderful that is.
On friday all the girls met up in the morning to get their nails done and do lunch before the rehearsal dinner.
On Saturday morning we all met bright & early at the salon for mimosas, snacks, hair & makeup. 

Me & the beautiful bride
We all finished getting ready at the wedding site, which was The Wilds golf course in Prior Lake, Minnesota.
Brittney's wedding colors were purple and light gray (or in "bride talk" they were aubergine and silver).  I can't make fun, my wedding colors were not purple and green, they were orchid and clover.
Me and another bestie Blaire in our bridesmaid dresses

the gorgeous late afternoon ceremony

One of our other close friends Becca did a reading that she actually wrote.  It was the most beautiful reading that got everyone choked up.  I asked her if I could have a copy of it to keep in my house.

The happy couple
These photos of Britt were taken just a few moments before she walked down the aisle.  She was getting really nervous and teary so we played her favorite song (Poison, by Bell Biv Devoe) to pump her up.  It was such a fun moment to have with her and the all the girls.
The rest of the night flew and it was so fun.  We had a delicious dinner followed by dancing and time in the photo booth.


These were her favors- lotto tickets!  We spent an afternoon making these and it turned out really cute.
Britt & Erik used the same photographer we had for our wedding so it was fun to see Jen again- here are a few of the gorgeous photos she took that day!  

It was such a fun day.  Seeing your friends so completely happy is such an awesome thing.  The day was beautiful and everybody had a blast!  I can't wait to see what else these two do together in life.