Wednesday, September 17, 2014

My bestie becomes a Mrs.

This past weekend I was given the honor of standing up in one of my best friends' wedding.  It turned out to be the most gorgeous fall day and to say that Brittney and Erik were both beaming is an understatement.  Everybody was just so incredibly happy and you couldn't help but gush over how wonderful that is.
On friday all the girls met up in the morning to get their nails done and do lunch before the rehearsal dinner.
On Saturday morning we all met bright & early at the salon for mimosas, snacks, hair & makeup. 

Me & the beautiful bride
We all finished getting ready at the wedding site, which was The Wilds golf course in Prior Lake, Minnesota.
Brittney's wedding colors were purple and light gray (or in "bride talk" they were aubergine and silver).  I can't make fun, my wedding colors were not purple and green, they were orchid and clover.
Me and another bestie Blaire in our bridesmaid dresses

the gorgeous late afternoon ceremony

One of our other close friends Becca did a reading that she actually wrote.  It was the most beautiful reading that got everyone choked up.  I asked her if I could have a copy of it to keep in my house.

The happy couple
These photos of Britt were taken just a few moments before she walked down the aisle.  She was getting really nervous and teary so we played her favorite song (Poison, by Bell Biv Devoe) to pump her up.  It was such a fun moment to have with her and the all the girls.
The rest of the night flew and it was so fun.  We had a delicious dinner followed by dancing and time in the photo booth.

These were her favors- lotto tickets!  We spent an afternoon making these and it turned out really cute.
Britt & Erik used the same photographer we had for our wedding so it was fun to see Jen again- here are a few of the gorgeous photos she took that day!  

It was such a fun day.  Seeing your friends so completely happy is such an awesome thing.  The day was beautiful and everybody had a blast!  I can't wait to see what else these two do together in life.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Britt's "naughty nautical" Bachelorette party

This past weekend my bestie Brittney had her bachelorette party.  It was actually rescheduled from an earlier date this summer so we were iffy about the weather- but Minnesota did not let us down.
We chartered a yacht for a dinner cruise and it was one of the most gorgeous evenings on Lake Minnetonka.  We saw Jimmy Jam's old house and Kris Humphries standing out on his deck.  So we felt pretty cool.
Britt/Me/Blaire (the trifecta)

All the gals

the blushing bride

Me & my friend Becca-another fearless DNP

me & bliz

the gorgeous sunsetting sky

*the rest of the evening is not pictured.  We stayed downtown Minneapolis, went out dancing and whooped it up.  Somebody cried.  Somebody got flashed.  Everybody laughed.  My feet killed.  It was a successful bachelorette party.  And I'm sure we were a sight for sore eyes when we made it to breakfast the next morning (just a few hours later).
By the time I got home I entered a serious canning situation.  On Saturday morning my husband made me spend 3 hours at the garden center with him where we learned about canning tomatoes, freezing sweet corn, and freezing green beans.  While I was out he got started and he was still at it on Sunday.  He canned over 60lbs of tomatoes and froze 4 dozen ears of sweet corn.  So we'll be set all winter!  At that point I caught my second wind and did a little bit around the house before crashing on the couch with Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.  And I didn't move until it was time to crash for bedtime.
Yesterday Pete finally bid farewell to his 2003 Toyota Camry.  With 215,000 miles traveled together he finally got the truck he always wanted.  It was dark when we got home so there are no pictures, but I fully expect Pete to haul our 25 bags of stuff to goodwill that has accumulated in our garage and hasn't been brought in because "we're waiting to get a truck first."

The rest of the week has been hard to focus on.  Not only are we all recovering from our fun weekend, but Brittney is getting married this Saturday.
I've never seen her so happy and excited.  Being able to see one of your best friends so happy during such a special time is one of the greatest things and I can't wait to celebrate this weekend! 

Monday, September 1, 2014

Fall To-Do List

I feel like we missed summer this year.  Because of how busy we were we didn't really get to do the things we wanted to do and the weather this season here in Minnesota was pretty ho-hum.  However I am sort of glad life is starting to settle down now.  We had every single weekend booked this summer with something, and still had to miss out on a lot.  Now we can hopefully start to get back to getting stuff done on our to-do lists and get ready for the holidays.

On my Fall to-do List:

1. Britt's Wedding
Britt is one of my dearest, bestiest friends and being able to be a small part of her special day is very special to me.  She's waited a long time for this day and she deserves the most beautiful celebration and I am so excited for her!  Next week is her "naughty nautical" bachelorette party which is going to be a different kind of fun ;)
2. Enjoy the Weather

These are all photos from the trails near our house where I go "running" (walk-jogging is more accurate).  It is such a gorgeous area and I love that it is right outside our door.  But cold, nasty weather will certainly be making its unwelcomed return to Minnesota shortly so I really want to savor shorts & flip flops weather for just a little while longer!
3. Tackle the Pit (dirt pit/money pit/horrible yard)


We're removing everything but the small patio area so the fire pit, walkways and all the flower beds are going to be dug up and turned in to grass.  Before we do that we need to move all the plants, which will include tackling the mess in the front yard.  Our biggest issue is that we have so many shady spots and the previous owners planted things where they wouldn't grow very well so we'll be doing a lot of rearranging.  Eventually we'll replace the firepit and patio and also replant some bushes or shrubbery to block the street and the neighbors.
4. Prepare for Spring
Yesterday Pete and I visited a Golden Retriever breeder.  I am not very excited about dealing with a puppy but there will be a new litter due early spring that Pete would really love to get a dog from.  He's agreed to do all the training and most of the work but I'm not sure I'm ready for the puppy lifestyle.  We'll be doing an invisible fence because we cannot afford an actual fence in our backyard (due to the size it would be several thousand dollars) but I'm also worried about the kittens.
Ferdinand would adjust because he's so easygoing and playful. The puppy would be kenneled in the house until we get it trained to be near the kitties.  Choxie doesn't like anything new though.  She is still over grooming and pulling her back hair which I believe is from anxiety.  We thought it was from getting Ferdinand but (thanks instagram) she actually started doing that a couple months before we got him.  I'm reading up on trying to get her brother to leave her alone to see if that helps, and I'm thinking a trip to the cat clinic might be needed before a puppy enters the scene.
5. Do Fall-y things
We'll definitely have some bonfires and visit the apple orchard.  And this week we're celebrating one year in our house.  I can't believe it's already been a whole year!

Before we know it snow will be falling and it will be Christmas.  My hair girl said to me "Fall is such a Pinterest season" and she is so right.  In a few short days our instagram feeds will blow up with every form of pumpkin imaginable and boots.  I'm right there with you but I'm sad that summer is over. Here's to a new season!


Friday, August 22, 2014

High Five for Friday!

I've been m.i.a. from blogland because life has been crazy.  As always, the summer has flown by.  Being busy every single weekend makes life go fast and you crazies out there are already getting your fall d├ęcor out!  I'm not there yet. I'm enjoying what little summer we have left before I consume or view anything pumpkin related!
Anyways- a bit of what I've been up to-

My sister got married last weekend!  It was so hot you guys.  Like everybody was sweating all day sort of hot.  And although there was cloud cover most of the day we all got sunburnt since it was an outdoor wedding.
She got married at a barn, had hay rides, and a pig roast.  It turned out really cute.  Just really hot!


mommy son dance
airing it out with over the fan!

Sister pic.
Speaking of weddings, my girl Katy finally posted some beautiful photos (from the amazing Sara Jayne) of her wedding one year ago.  Such a glam event.

Last night I met up for dinner with some Kelly B, Jess, and Lo and their hubbies.  It's always so fun whenever we get together.  We had so much cheese.

The Minnesota state fair is here!  I go every year because I love it even though Pete hates it.  We already had a plan to go next week but then we were surprised by tickets from our realtor!  He is seriously the best!

a pup may be on the horizon.  Pete still wants a boykin spaniel but the wait list is like 2 years so we may be switching gears and looking at goldens.  They're bigger and hairier than I'd like so I'm still on the fence.

Other than that we're finishing the summer out with yard work.  Big changes are coming!!!!