Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Mexico with my Galentines

Over Valentine's weekend I went with 3 of my favorite girls to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for what was dubbed 'Galentine's Weekend.'  There's only really certain people you can travel with - and I fully believe you have to have a special kind of friendship to go on vacation with somebody.  Britt, Blaire, & Becca are like my sisters and we can bicker and still have fun and it was a trip for the books!
We left on a Wednesday morning, and we took shots and had bloodys at the airport before heading on the plane - and that was the beginning of a few really fun days.


We  headed to Riu Vallarta - all inclusive and it was amazing.  We spent most of our time at the beach or pool/swim up bar.

In the evenings we stuffed our faces at the buffet, laughed at the bar, and danced at the discotecha.

On the first morning we all had "couples" massages on the beach - it was heavenly, and a perfect way to start the day.  We spent the day at the beach or the pool and went on a boat ride to a show that evening - "Rhythms of the Night"

The bummer about this evening was that it was an outdoor show and it poured.

It was also super fun hanging out with our vacation friends!  We met two couples from Nebraska and when we found out 2 of them were nurses we knew it was meant to be.  We met up with that group every night for the rest of the trip and had a blast with them!

The following day we spent near down town Puerto Vallarta. Britt has always dreamed of swimming with dolphins, so although I have done it before, we all did it again.  We all got kisses and rode on the fins - I was terrified to get pulled around the pool with a dolphin in really deep water, but I pushed myself to do it and then there were no pictures of me riding the dolphin on our picture CD!

This was by far my favorite day of the trip - we had lunch on the beach with margaritas, a bucket of beer, and the freshest fish tacos I have ever had.  And there is nothing better than enjoying it all with your best friends laughing around you and your toes in the sand. 

we tried really hard to get a good jumping picture!

That's me & Blaire going for a sunset dip - and this is when a big wave took me under for a moment and I came out of the water with my bathing suit top down and sunglasses gone forever!  We all had that happen a few times but I miss those sunglasses!!

This photo cracks me up - this was one of the resort's waiters.  One night him and another waiter hung out with us when they were done working.  We all talked and had tequila and tried to learn Spanish.  It was dark so when we got a picture with all of our eyes closed from the bright flash we died laughing.  Pajarito hooked us up with reservations the next night.

On our final day we did another boat tour where you could swim out to a hidden beach, do snorkeling and do some paddle boarding.  
Unfortunately, I had the worse case of sea sickness.  The waves and the current was really strong so I didn't feel completely comfortable getting in the water anyways, but I was really bummed to come all that way and not be able to enjoy my time out there.  It was a gorgeous day.  I layed on the boat while the girls were out on the water until there was a man in front of me saying "senorita! come with me and take nothing with you!"  For some reason I didn't even question this man and I went with him, got in a little dingy boat with 10 other strangers, and we got dropped off on a deserted beach.  It was immediate relief of my sea sickness, the beach and the view was absolutely stunning, there were crabs running around everywhere, and I had nothing to take any pictures with.

By the end of the trip we found some creative ways to shield our fried skin from the sun!

and of course we had to document the best tequila chaser we discovered - saladitas saltine crackers!  Seriously - try it ;)

sunshine, tequila, beach, friends, and adventures.  It was the best.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Pupdate: Meet the newest member of our family!

Her name is Ruby H. Ortman and she was born on January 1, 2015.  We brought her home now almost 2 weeks ago and we're all still adjusting.

It is no secret that I have been putting off getting a dog for a while and that Pete has been dying to get one.  He got to choose what kind we got and the process, so he gave me majority naming rights which I took full advantage of.  I was set on paying homage to Harry Potter by using a character or a spell or something, but that turned out to be very difficult when we decided we wanted a girl dog.  I really  liked Molly Weasley, but Pete's golden retriever he grew up with was named Molly.  We both loved Luna Lovegood, but an old co-worker of mine got a golden last year and named her Luna.  And we went through that process with a billion other names.  So we settled on Ruby H, which came out of Rubeus (Ruby) Hagrid (H), and Ruby also fits because she's a very dark golden.   She's pretty formal and likes to use her middle initial.

The cats are adjusting as well as expected.  Ruby is quarantined to half the kitchen and the adjacent living room by a baby gate.  The cats have free reign of the rest of the house with uninterrupted access to food/water/litter.  Ruby thinks the cats should be playing with her, and by playing, I mean she tries to tackle them and bite their tails.  For that reason both cats mostly stay away until she's asleep, and then they come in to the room and sneak around and smell her.  Ferdinand is really jealous and needy, and he's very territorial of this dog taking up our time and his space.  Choxie mostly stays away and she is sleeping more.  She's been on kitty Prozac for a few months already for her hair pulling issues which I think has really helped her with this transition.

She went bonkers over this leaf pile!

It's only been a couple weeks and she is already growing so fast! We're all exhausted and Ruby H has proven to be a very naughty dog already.  She does very well with her kennel and only cried for the first couple nights, but she bites and chews on anything and everything.  We're trying to teach her 'no bites' to people/faces/clothes/blankets/furniture and so far it's not working.  We did teach her 'Sit' which she does about 60% of the time and you better believe she is enrolled in puppy kindergarten!  I'll be much less stressed about her when she's better trained and we can leave the house for more than 3 hours at a time...anybody know when that might happen?