Friday, July 25, 2014

Egg Bake on-the-go-go

My friend Becca gave me this tip on egg bakes which I love.  They are healthy and convenient, and a big pan of egg bake can give you breakfast or lunch for the whole week.  For a while Pete & I would make an egg bake on Sunday for healthy breakfasts all week.  Anyways, Becca told me she makes her egg bake in a muffin pan so she has a quick single serving of egg bake she can quick microwave and grab on the go!  If somebody doesn't hand-feed me my breakfast I usually skip it so I knew I had to try this.

You'll need: Eggs, Veggies, Cheese (optional), Seasonings (optional).
We used about 8-10 eggs that filled 2 muffin pans along with chopped onions, kale, asparagus, sun dried tomatoes, a splash of milk, and a little cheese.

Spray/Grease your muffin pans.
Mix eggs and veggies in a bowl, pour evenly into muffin pan.  They'll expand a little bit in the oven so leave some room.
Bake at 350 degrees for 20-30 minutes (until they look 'set') and let cool.

We put several in individual containers to grab & go, but we also froze a bunch too for later.  It was perfect!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Our Weekend in Madison

Last weekend Pete & I made the (5 hour) trek to Madison, WI to visit Pete's younger brother Andy and his girlfriend Sarah.  They've lived there for a long time- both went to college in Madison and Sarah is currently in med school there.  Because of the distance we've never really been able to hang out with those two outside of family functions and we've been talking for years about visiting for a weekend (we missed the boat when they lived in Chicago!) and the heavens cleared and there was one free weekend for all 4 of us.  That never happens.
So we got there late Friday night and had drinks and snacks and hung out at the apartment.  Old people don't like going out on friday nights after a busy week :) :)
On Saturday we went to the Farmer's Market which was awesome- it was incredibly crowded and there were protestors at the capital, but we got the famous cheesy bread, tried some very squeaky cheese curds, and I ate a fresh whole tomato all for breakfast.
I had some amazing steamed mussels at some place we stopped for lunch and then walked our way over to the terrace to hang out.
There were a bazillion wedding parties and again- tons of people, but we got a table and a couple pitchers of beer (summer shandy because I am still not a beer girl) and hung out.

We laid low for dinner at the apartment and then went out for fancy dessert at the restaurant Andy sometimes works at.  It was the kind of fancy dessert that you cannot pronounce and you have to ask what everything is- but so yummy.  Afterwards we walked around downtown and bar hopped.
Madison is such a fun area, but I was reminded many times that it is a college town and I am no longer a college kid.

On Sunday we went to the New Glarus brewery  (where they make Spotted Cow) and we did a self guided tour with beers in hand (strawberry rhubarb fruit beer for me) and then enjoyed their patio for a bit.

Andy & Sarah

Afterwards we went to a small town called Paoli that Andy said had the best ice cream in all the world.  The area was cute and had little shops.  The ice cream was noms (it was no grand old creamery but I didn't tell Andy that).

When we made our way back to Madison we went for an afternoon walk because it was too gorgeous not to.

In the evening we went to Fresco for Restaurant Week.  I guess they do restaurant week once or twice a year and a lot of the major restaurants will have fixed menus with special prices to boost business, and it's a great way to try a restaurant you might not otherwise have tried.  We got to eat dinner on the rooftop at sunset and the food was amazing.  I would go back to Madison just to restaurant hop- the food downtown is spectacular.

 Early Monday morning we headed for home.  We stopped at the outlet mall near Wisconsin Dells and randomly ran in to a giant deer and a giant orange moose right off of the highway.

It was a super fun (and fast!) weekend away- I had a blast being able to spend more fun time with my brother in law (and maaaybe future sister in law?!)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sister's Bridal Shower

Last weekend I hosted a bridal shower for my sister who is getting married August 16th.
I was anxious about hosting but excited to have some family over and decorate bridal again!!
We had a brunch with egg bakes, frittata, fresh fruit, and mimosas.

It was so nice to be on the other end of the game playing!
Guests answered questions on how well they knew the bride, while I put my sister on the spot to answer questions that her groom filled out.

They also played Guess the Gadget- 10 kitchen items were each placed in a paper bag and they had to guess what it was by feeling through the bag only.  They destroyed our tea ball but other than that it seemed to be a big hit!


We also had wooden kitchen spoons and guests had to write their "recipe" for a good marriage for Sena & Lee.

Sena & my mom

Sisters- we aren't all that close but we somehow always seem to end up wearing the same color scheme!  It's a little annoying actually and reminds me of growing up always fighting about what the other was wearing.
Sena's Bachelorette Party/Sena's Bridal Shower...
All in all I think my first shower hosting was a success-and we were all exhausted by the end of it!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

DIY: Citronella Wine Bottles

Here in the Midwest the mosquitos are crazy.  With all the rain we've had this spring & summer it seems they are more vicious this year-my legs are proof of that.  All we want to do is hang out on the deck on a warm summer night and we'd like to not have to deal with the pesky buggers at the same time so we made our own 'squito repellant bottles that look a little nicer than some of the pre-made buckets/candles you can buy at the store. 
You'll need: Wine bottles, a jug of Citronella oil, a washer, and fiber glass wicks.
Step 1: Drink 2 bottles of wine (hellooo, you need some empty wine bottles!)
Step 2: Pour the citronella in to the wine bottles- the wicks really aren't that long so you'll need to fill the bottle almost full.
Step 3: Put the wick in the bottle and thread the washer through the top of the wick to hold it in place in the bottle so it won't fall through.

Then you just light the wick with a lighter.


For the most part they seem to work pretty well.  If we're outside at night we'll light 2 or 3 and it seems to keep most of the mosquitos away, and they add a touch of ambiance!

Sunday, July 13, 2014


This weekend was full.  I went from not having much planned for my birthday on Saturday to spending time with friends on Friday night, all of Saturday, and then seeing family for my Sister's bridal shower on Sunday.
Originally I planned to attend a local movie in the park for their showing of Grease-one of my favorite movies, followed by going out for drinks.  But not many people were able to come and quite a few had to cancel last minute so I pouted and canceled the whole shebang.
Instead we had an impromptu (aka hubby had to convince me) get together at our house with a few friends.  We had drinks and sat out on the deck, ordered B-dubs, and finished the last of our sparklers.
The girls surprised me with a late night ice cream cake and we enjoyed wine, a Harry Caray music video (HEY!), and laughing about Drunk History (side note- this is a show on Comedy Central that I rolled my eyes at when Pete put it on the other night.  It literally is a drunk person narrating something in history to pretty famous actors portraying the story.  Not only is it incredibly amusing, but I actually learned a lot!)


On Saturday, we headed north-about an hour and a half to the Chateau St. Croix Winery & Vineyard.  Pete & I went here for our anniversary last year and watched polocross and we knew we wanted to come back.  Unfortunately, they did not have polocross and they ran out of white wines.  So we could only drink reds.  Poor us.  We did our best to get through a bottle or two. ;)

It was a cloudy muggy day, but perfect for sitting on the patio with a bottle and your besties.

We made our way about 30 minutes south to Winehaven winery & vineyard, and lucky us- it was their Raspberry festival and they were offering a sampling of 9 wines for free.  That was awesome.  We also bought a glass, joined a tour and ditched said tour, and again hung out on their patio.

Britt had to head back home for a family thing, so Blaire and I continued on to Stillwater.  We had a nice non-third-wheel-ish dinner at a nice Italian restaurant downtown, bought a couple Christmas ornaments at one of my favorite little shops, and then walked around since the weather finally turned gorgeous.

Unfortunately with the flooding this year we couldn't get very close to the water.

This was me and Pete in Stillwater about a year ago-
And this is how much the water has risen this year-
We ended the night at the Candyland candy store for some goodies and headed home.  Pete & I finished cleaning & decorating for my sister's bridal shower and then crashed. After hosting the shower today we had a Harry Potter movie marathon and snacked and lounged with the equally-exhausted kittens.

For initially not having much planned-it turned out to be a pretty fab weekend.  I wish I had a day or two to recover from the weekend, but hey (HEY!)-this is 29 and I gotta go to work in the morning.