Friday, August 22, 2014

High Five for Friday!

I've been m.i.a. from blogland because life has been crazy.  As always, the summer has flown by.  Being busy every single weekend makes life go fast and you crazies out there are already getting your fall d├ęcor out!  I'm not there yet. I'm enjoying what little summer we have left before I consume or view anything pumpkin related!
Anyways- a bit of what I've been up to-

My sister got married last weekend!  It was so hot you guys.  Like everybody was sweating all day sort of hot.  And although there was cloud cover most of the day we all got sunburnt since it was an outdoor wedding.
She got married at a barn, had hay rides, and a pig roast.  It turned out really cute.  Just really hot!


mommy son dance
airing it out with over the fan!

Sister pic.
Speaking of weddings, my girl Katy finally posted some beautiful photos (from the amazing Sara Jayne) of her wedding one year ago.  Such a glam event.

Last night I met up for dinner with some Kelly B, Jess, and Lo and their hubbies.  It's always so fun whenever we get together.  We had so much cheese.

The Minnesota state fair is here!  I go every year because I love it even though Pete hates it.  We already had a plan to go next week but then we were surprised by tickets from our realtor!  He is seriously the best!

a pup may be on the horizon.  Pete still wants a boykin spaniel but the wait list is like 2 years so we may be switching gears and looking at goldens.  They're bigger and hairier than I'd like so I'm still on the fence.

Other than that we're finishing the summer out with yard work.  Big changes are coming!!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2014


A couple weeks ago Pete & I visited Boston (or Bahhhston as we obnoxiously referred to it as).  I had a work conference on Cancer Rehabilitation and since it was our anniversary weekend anyways, we decided to make a trip out of it.  Pete has a cousin that lives out there that he got to spend time with during the day while I was busy with fancy conference things.
The first day we were there we walked around Harvard.  Pete was excited to see old buildings, which they were, and it was cool, but then we moved on because there were crowds of people there walking around too.

In the evening we took a cat nap and decided to walk to dinner near downtown.  After a lot of yelp searching we decided to try Marliave and it was so, so delicious.  Pete wouldn't let me take a picture of our food and for reasons unknown I actually listened to him.  I had amazing seafood, white wine, and we split a dessert on the back patio.

While I was in my conference and eating food truck snacks:

Pete was exploring historic sites-

He loved the tour of Fenway
In the evening we met up at the wharf for the evening I planned for us which easily turned in to my favorite part of the trip.


We took a ferry ride to Spectacle Island for a catered clambake dinner.  The ferry ride was awesome-it was so cool to see the Boston skyline from water.

We started dinner with the best clam chowdah followed by fresh lobster, mussels, clams, chicken, potatoes and corn on the cob.  Wrapped in a light blanket to block that crisp New England air with a view of the beach at sunset, this was easily one of my favorite meals of my life.

After dinner we also got to sit around fires and do s'mores on the beach.

On Friday I had my conference and we met up with Pete's cousin to walk down near the boston marathon bombing site and the Prudential building to get a bird's eye view of the city.  We then walked to a restaurant for dinner and I had my very first authentic Indian food!  The boys got spicy chicken tiki marsala and I got a lamb sagwala.  I was nervous because I tend to prefer bland foods (it's the Minnesotan in me) but that food was bomb.

The next day we walked around the public garden, newbury street, the Cheers bar ( kind of a hoax-y thing) and the Freedom Trail.

so.many.graves to see on the freedom trail.

the site of the Boston Massacre.
What was interesting about the city was how well they preserved the history of Boston but it's all now surrounded by the growth of the city and modern buildings.
We walked through little Italy for cannoli's (YUMMM) and we picked a random restaurant for dinner which was also seriously delicious.

The last day we were there we walked around some more, went on a duck boat tour, and had our last taste of good lobster at a sidewalk restaurant on Newbury street before heading home.

Boston was a blast-I'm pretty sure we ate our way through that city, but we walked the entire time to (hopefully?) cancel it out!  We did the subway a few times but it was 30 degrees hotter than the air temperature under there, it smelled like a litter box, and it was always sooo packed.  It saved our feet a bit of walking and the system is actually really impressive for public transportation, but it was just as easy to walk everywhere.  When we go back we would definitely plan a long weekend on Nantucket!